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Appolagies if this has done before.. but heck, i thought id make my own topic anyway
first id like 2 say how happy i am 2 be part of the braindead forum. . . for some reason untill now i couldnt access this site - but only the old forum with no new posts since 2004.. sad.gif

anyway since i couldnt access this site propperly, i thought id look elsewhere for Mordor 1.1 editors, simply out of curiosity 2bh, well i found something somewhere that allowed me to change more than i had intended - i was perfectly happy with all the gameplay of mordor.. apart from my dire need for constitution in every character!
So, seeing that im generally around lvls 5/6, i thought id let lvl 1's aboleth drop only tomes, to help my situation when neccessary. that is the only thing i changed.. though i did look (without saving) at the other possibilities of what i could do.

Since then i have noticed changes that i hadnt bargained for - EVERY monster can poison/disease, as far as i can tell there is no such thing as weapon resistances, most of the stat changing potions do not 'appear to do much of anything', and other insignificances that id rather not have!

although im not a complete fool - i did back up my files before looking at the editor; since using it ive made the most amazing progress and id rather not go back to what i once was.. i guess what im asking for is a 'restore default settings' that can put a stop to this nonsence. id really appreciate any help i could get.
And sorry again if this has already been answered somehwere else - i doubt im the 1st to have this kinda problem..

So if you backed up your files, you should just be able to restore everything, but keep the character, store, and confinement data with the current stuff.

And PROTIP for stats early on: Get a sorcerer that can cast high level electric or element spells, and you'll kick the goblins' asses and get tons of aards in a short time.
What editor did you use? And why couldn't you access the site, what error did you get?
Have you tried reinstalling the game? When you do a reinstall, Mordor saves your old characters, but overwrites everything else. It wouldn't hurt to just back everything up first, but if you want to keep your existing characters, but go back to a standard Mordor, a reinstall should do the trick. The only things that should be affected is things like your mapped areas (you will revert to everything being unmapped), the store contents (you will revert to the store just having the stuff from the beginning of the game, the stuff you sold it will be gone), etc.
I couldnt get onto the site because im rinsing this badboy at a boarding school, so im using a proxy to bypass. dont worry - not a problem with Braindead. wink.gif

All i know of the mod is it states 'Mordor Editor' 1.80 (for the depths of dejenol and darkness awakening), with a 'Mircofx' logo at the top left of the screen, but ive forgotten where i took it from.

As to reverting to unmapped, that sounds like a fun lil bonus to challenge myself with; i hereby challenge you all!

N cheers for the help guys, i'll have the trusty ol' Mordor back in no time
That's MicroFX editor, which you can find the latest version of (2.something) in the downloads section. I didn't know, or recall, that 1.86 was so buggy. I don't think I have it anymore, would you consider uploading it to Downloads?
I have the 1.80 version of the MicroFX editor that I can upload if you so desire.
QUOTE (gortaak @ May 10 2011, 06:05 PM) *
I have the 1.80 version of the MicroFX editor that I can upload if you so desire.

I desire. IIRC, one of those old versions of MicroFX was supposed to be able to work with M2-0.98b. I would be very interested in trying out the one you have.

Uploaded, might have to be approved by an admin, but here is the link:;showfile=59
Oki, approved! happy.gif
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