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Full Version: Idea: integrated multi-purpose calculator
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Since so many formulas have been unravelled, mainly thanks to GaiaCat, there is in principle a huge amount of information available for Mordor fans. In fact, I think that much of it is relevant to demise too, since it probably uses largely the same formulas - but that is just speculation.

However, the problem is how to make it more visible, since most of those formulas are far too complicated to give much insight at first sight.

There have already been built some tools to make all this information more visible. Lately I've been toying with the idea to create a multi-purpose tool to calculate all of the formulas, especially the complicated ones. Like:

- melee damage
- chance of stab / crit
- monster damage
- spell damage, cost and efficiency (damage / cost)
- chances of identifying a chest correctly
- chances of disarming a chest
- .. maybe more

The problem is that there are many factors involved in some of these equations. For example, the chance of stabbing depends on a hidden property of the monster (its "guild level") as well as a hidden property of the weapon if it has a stab bonus. I am not sure how to incorporate those factors. If I let the user enter a guild level for the monster, how is he going to know what to fill in? But inserting a full hard-wired table with all of the monsters in the tool is a bit unwieldy. Another solution could be to read in the monster data file for this purpose, but I'm not sure I like that idea either - then it makes the tool dependent on having mordor installed.

Any thoughts or feedback appreciated.
Well, for weapons, and items in general, you can use Wabbit's converter to convert mdata3 to a comma separated txt file, and from there in Excel (data->text to columns) you can extract all data for a single field (critical hit, backstab, etc).
Wabbit never did the mdata5 converter so there is nothing else to do than either a program or typing everything to something more extractable. I did type quite a bit of the monster stats through the years, but I don't have all stats.
I think I will for now limit it to some additions to the melee damage calculator, so that it can calculate:

- chance of stab / crit / sever
- damage the monster can deal to the character
- chance of being stoned / drained / electrocuted..

Let's see how far I can get.

It will be a good way to get some more practice with VC++.
I really like this idea grobble. For me excel is the limits of my programming ability. I added to seth's tool the damage formula. I wonder if that would be a way to accomplish your idea?
Thanks! It is good you remind me, I had nearly forgotten about this idea.

Right now I am moving over to a new home, so things are kind of messy (I don't even have access to my own PC right now). In a week or two I hope to start on it.
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