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Full Version: Dalyn's Quill, a Mordor dungeon editor
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Hi folks.

You might remember a long while ago that when I announced the cancellation of Return to Dejenol, I hinted that at some stage I would turn the Depths of Dejenol part of its dungeon editor into a seperate program. Well, it's taken ages, but finally I've finished doing just that smile.gif

The result is "Dalyn's Quill". You can visit the homepage for a little more information and some screenshots. Anyone who used the old Return to Dejenol mapper should find this very familiar, but I'm eager for any and all feedback. If you've not tried modding the Mordor dungeon before, well, why not give it a try? wink.gif

Download link: (635KB)

Version history:
v1.0.0 - 13th April 2009 - "Dwarven Sledgehammer"
* Initial release
* Completely overhauled MDATA11 code from the old Return to Dejnol editor
* ADD: Lairs can now be assigned
* ADD: Confirmation dialogs added to all appropriate actions
* ADD: Save status is recorded to prevent accidental data loss
* ADD: Toggle highlighting of fields that have no area assigned to them
* ADD: Toggle highlighting of laired fields
* ADD: Teleporter target visibility. No more counting grid coordinates!
* ADD: "Show target" button for teleporters to quickly see where they lead
* FIX: Better joints; rock edges can no longer be anything except walls
* FIX: The up-stairs entrance point (9, 11) on level 1 is uneditable
* FIX: Less wasteful padding in .MAP level exports
i like the interface, nice touch connecting the teleporter to it's destination.
I played around with it for a bit, but I seem unable to actually add coordinates to a teleport or depth to a chute...
Wow, this is great work!

One minor interface nitpick. If you want to move from dungeon level 1 to 15, the fastest way (as far as I noticed) is clicking down x 14?

Something I couldn't figure out is how to add a lair?
@Braindead - you can use the "Select field" pen (fifth button from the left; a pointer facing toward a small yellow box) to pick a field which has a teleporter or chute in it. That should activate the buttons for setting target / depth. You can get rid of the selected field by clicking it again.

@grobblewobble - Thanks smile.gif Yeah, changing levels is a little tiresome. I will add some shortcut keys so that you can hit cursor up and cursor down to do the same thing, which might improve that a bit. Or maybe add it so that holding the ALT key when using the mouse wheel will adjust the current level.

Lairs are added by first selecting an area ID, painting some fields into that area (third button from the left; green striped square), then choosing the monster you want to be laired from the dropdown list. If you check the Tools -> Show Lairs option, you should notice that you get a red highlight around those fields.

Hope this helps smile.gif
I'm having a slight confusion.
I understand the setting areas etc, but I can't make the monsters appear in the game. Am I missing something pretty simple?

Nice editor btw
Hmmm - well, have you made sure to tick some of the monster spawn type tickboxes for the areas you have assigned?
Yea basically I was having a play on a quick level 1 with two rooms. One room had a humanoid/thief/insect/animal chance and one was an ant lair. Neither worked. I spun the clock forward three hours. Still nothing. This morning I check it, Pseudo Dragon outside the rooms.

I think maybe I just generally try again.

I'm trying to combine your very easy to use map editor with Wabbit's editor for a more unique game. If only I could change the graphics too.

Edit: Just an update got it working now on my second dungeon. Not sure what I was doing wrong before, but it works.
Okay so if i'm working on changing the dungeon levels in Mordor1, should I be using this or Braindead's map editor? I'm confused sad.gif
They're both editors for the same thing so it shouldn't matter.
You can use either. Personally I like Dalyn's quill most. Its main advantage is that it is easy to draw / remove walls and doors. However, Braindead's editor has a copy/paste area function.
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