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This challange is a little bit of a wierd one. It can be made as easy or as hard as the player wishes. I am also permitting the use of Editors to achieve the starting conditions of this challange, since it would be difficult to get there otherwise. (apologies hardcore gamers).

You can submit/brag about entries at any point in the characters career, however the point of the challange is defined in the characters stats at retirement (IE dying of old age).

The challange is to create the most survivable HUMAN character within a given guild. In the true spirit of RPG you may choose any guild you wish to begin in, but you must start with the MINIMUM stats of that guild. This is the point where an editor may be required, and is the only point where an editor may be used. And, before anyone asks, YES that does include the Nomad guild (1,1,1,1,1,1) good luck with that.

ok.gif You may :-

Buy and or use any equpment that is in the Store, even if it has been placed there by another character and comes from deep in the dungeon, but you must buy it yourself.

Use anti-aging products, potions etc.

Buy and sell companions.

Retrieve the dead character form within the dungeon useing another character.

not_ok.gif You may not :-

Pass gold or items to your new character

Use any other glitch/cheat-ish method to obtain gold or items.

Pay for or otherwise interfere with the resurection of your new character.

Kill a monster with a powerful character and leave the ches for your character to open.

Use editors mods or other hacks to help you, other than to create starting conditions.

I don't know if anybody will be intersted in trying this challange, but i think it seems like fun. The difficulty is deided, more or less, by the guild you choose. Warriors will have an easier time to begin with than mages, and Nomads will suck completely.

When posting your characters, the stats you must include are:-

Guild and Level
Deepest level

I appreciate this seems like a lot on info, but it will not go to waste, every month or so I will view the entries and come up with a "winner" for each guild.

As I have said, I'm not sure if anyone will want to try this, but would dearly love it if anyone was stupi...I mean brave enough to take up the Nomad challange. naughty.gif
Characters are not suposed to have 1 1 1 1 1 1 stats. As soon as they're stat drained, they'll jump at the minimum values for their race.
Can characters change guild? What if they're drained (yup, I'm obsessed laugh.gif) and do no longer meet the guild stat requirements? Parties: Y/N?
Characters are not suposed to have 1 1 1 1 1 1 stats. As soon as they're stat drained, they'll jump at the minimum values for their race.

The solution to that would be to edit the human race instead of the character - just make all the minimum stats equal to one.
Can characters change guild? What if they're drained (yup, I'm obsessed laugh.gif) and do no longer meet the guild stat requirements? Parties: Y/N?

I was thinking about the loopholes as well. E.g., he does allow other characters for rescue purposes. I would make my rescuer a seeker/healer/sorcerer, parked at the steps into town. Then, anytime my challenge character ventures into the dungeon, he would get the full spell treatment (resistances, levitation, visual). On return, full healing. The strategy for a Nomad would be extremely tedious. He would have to stay on level one, searching for stat potions in order to build him up enough to use the tomes and then get strong enough to venture deeper.

Of course, the best guild stat-wise would be a Wizard - best initial stats. If parties are disallowed, then the Mage would be the way to go. Extra help plus healing skills.

Even if helper characters were disallowed, the challenge assumes "retirement (IE dying of old age)". However, if you go with the healer guild, there is no reason why you would ever die, if you played cautiously.
@ npsuber =

he does allow other characters for rescue purposes. I would make my rescuer a seeker/healer/sorcerer, parked at the steps into town. Then, anytime my challenge character ventures into the dungeon, he would get the full spell treatment (resistances, levitation, visual). On return, full healing.

First off "Xaphania" is a SHE, check your history - wikki or google should do it

Second, I said RETRIEVE DEAD CHARACTER, since i'm not entirely sure of the game mechanics - but i think you actually age if you wait to be rescued.

@ aardless =

As for jumping to minimum - good point. I must admit I initially didn't think of that. But your solution should work well.

I've also been thinking about the Nomad thing, maybe I'm being a bit harsh. But then again - where's the challange?

Parties, I don't see why not, each character would be judged for ther own merits - and I'd have to consider the advantage it would give to the more difficult guilds. It would definitely make Nomad easier. I could judge parties seperately, both for character merits and classic RPG ingenuity or authenticity. EG Warior, Spellcaster, Thief, Healer - Classic.

And lastly - NO absolutely not, you pick a guild and stick with it. The idea behind this challenge was to erase from the equation the "optimum HP route". Classic RPG's require the character to work with a set of strengths and weaknesses. That's the challenge, to get past certain levels with only the skills at your disposal, a Warrior/Spellcater is just too easy.
So the challenge is to have high stats at death?

Not really, there are a number of things that contribute to the "survivability" and ultimately the success of a character:-

How deep you are able to go in the dungeon
What level you are
Yes, your stats (inc HP/SP)
The amount of gold you have
The number of monsters you have killed
How many times you died

I appreciate that some of these values may be misleading, eg. killing 40,000 slaves is no challenge (unless you count finding them) and haveing a low amount of gold but super equipment can hardly be considered a failure. The most relevant statistic - I think - would be the lowest level you've been to. This would indicate roughly at which level you are able to hold your own. In my view this is the best indicator of how strong your character is, visa vis how successful.

I've been thinking about the death thing - and I may take it out. Since it's not the absolute definition of the challenge, moreover the end of the challenge for a given character.
I apologise for bumping the topic, but I just wondered if anybody was actually interested in this challenge or am I juct a total prat for even suggesting it.
Don't worry if I am, it happens quite a lot. killing the conversation (and other peoples will to live) is something of a speciality with me.
Well, I'll do this if no one else is going to. I normally play solo characters anyway, so the only real change is going to be limiting myself to a single guild. I was strongly tempted to make a Nomad, but I'm just not enough of a masochist. Therefore I will joining the best guild in the game, aka Ninja.
And in just under one hour of playtime, here is what I have so far:

Name: Rana Grande
Age: 18
Guild and Level: Ninja 10
Gold: 1,563,396
Deepest level: 1
Kills: 332
Deaths: 0
Quests Completed: 2

Current Stats: 13 Str, 11 Int, 7 Wis, 9 Con, 3 Cha, 15 Dex, 42/36 Att/Def, 56 HP, 90 SP

I'm playing on a fresh install so I'll be finding everything I use, but this should be a fun and extremely playable character.
You character sounds very interesting Rana, not really old enough to get an idea of it's worth though keep at it. I think you misunderstood where i said completed - i mean completed completed, as in defeated you know who. Quests are an intersting variable - though 2 out-of-how-many would be a better indication, since forfeiting will effectively lower your level. Once again - keep at it, this should be intersting.
Here's a little update. I've found some nifty items and a few potions, and I might venture down to level 2 before too much longer.

Name: Rana Grande
Age: 22
Guild and Level: Ninja 30
Gold: 12,981,214
Deepest level: 1
Kills: 3,336
Deaths: 0
Quests: 6/6
Completed: no

Current Stats: 15 Str, 11 Int, 8 Wis, 9 Con, 3 Cha, 16 Dex, 72/72 Att/Def, 133 HP, 95 SP
Hmm, I'm curious to see if a solo ninja can make it against you know who. I'm tempted to say it's impossible or very close to it, but I'll wait and see.
I think a solo ninja should be able to do it, but it will likely end up being very dependent on items. Anyway, here's another little update. Since the last time, I have become the Ninja Guildmaster, and I found enough Potions of Insight to allow me to go on a toming binge.

Name: Rana Grande
Age: 27
Guild and Level: Ninja 49
Gold: 2,423,784
Deepest level: 2
Kills: 9,957
Deaths: 0
Quests: 12/13
Completed: no

Current Stats: 23 Str, 19 Int, 16 Wis, 13 Con, 10 Cha, 23 Dex, 132/153 Att/Def, 171 HP, 165 SP
The worst problem I foresee is resistances, especially paralysis and stoning.

Of course, once you find a Dalyn's Tear the problem is largely solved, but that's a long way off.
Initially, the limited resistances were a concern for me as well, but I don't think it will really be a problem. I will just spend more time than I ordinarily would on level 1 hoarding potions.
Clever, I didn't think of that. On the other hand, his age is going up dangerously fast - from healing up? I hope you can find a way to keep it in control. Maybe you could try to find a Elven Ring? Or simply try to make do with Dust of Healing and such? think.gif

Well, good luck. ok.gif
Actually that's just one of my little Mordor quirks, in that I tend to allow my characters to become as old as I am in real life. It'll level off soon. tongue.gif
You make me envious of individual characters. I'm a little sick of running around with a party. It's feeling sluggish.
If memory serves, I once tried to see how far I could take a Nomad-only soloist. The biggest problem was slime traps -- I'd lose good stuff all the time, (including a Dalyn's Tear I just got), and without being able to preserve my items,

I couldn't play effectively past Level 11 or so -- my guild A/D wasn't good enough and slime traps were seriously messing with my item A/D as well. And 1 HP/level wasn't making things any easier.

Ninjas, however, have much higher max A/D and trap-IDing ability, so I think a solo Ninja could make it. If you can survive a single round with Gargantuans, you ought to be able to do it.
I haven't played a whole lot recently, but I did just finally get my stats maxed, so it's time for another little update

Name: Rana Grande
Age: 28
Guild and Level: Ninja 63
Gold: 28,965,493
Deepest level: 2
Kills: 17,292
Deaths: 0
Quests: 19/21
Completed: no

Current Stats: 26 Str, 23 Int, 24 Wis, 22 Con, 23 Cha, 28 Dex, 173/194 Att/Def, 199 HP, 225 SP

And thanks for the vote of confidence, Nudibranch. Now I have to beat it. tongue.gif
I was thinking that another good guild to try this challenge with may be Villain. They have some healing, some thieving, good defense.. in theory they even learn some blasting spells. No other guild has all of these. Of course it would be nowhere near as easy as with a warrior/healer/thief, but still..
Villain was one of my top choices too. The healing would have been very much appreciated and the relative lack of quests perhaps even more so. I wanted Charm of Opening though, and Villains don't get it. Add in that Ninjas have higher thieving, fighting, and perception, and my choice was made.
Well, I've jumped back into Morder after a while and thought I might give this challenge a shot. I always thought a Villain would be the way to go too, but thought it'd be too predictable, and someone else is doing a fighter type, so I went with a Healer. The first inclination is to go fighter class, but with healing, resistance and damage spells, I thought Healer might be the most versatile and robust magic class. I thought about making a party of a Healer and a Villain and call them Heaven and Hell. cool.gif I might not get around to the Villain, but I made "Heaven" last night and got up to lvl 7.

Name: Heaven
Age: 17
Guild: Healer
Level: 7
Gold: 800k+
Deepest level: 1
Kills: 260
Deaths: 5
Completed: 0/0

Current Stats: 8 Str, 14 Int, 14 Wis, 11 Con, 7 Cha, 14 Dex, 25/23 Att/Def, 32 HP, 140 SP

I died a bunch, but somehow, never got a hit on Con, even though I failed to get raised several times. I lucked out and the second encounter had a chest with a tome I sold for a good boost and I've found a few tomes since and other goodies to sell. The reason my Con is above normal is because there were 9 (N) Tomes of End. in the store thanks to past exploits, and bought a couple and used one I found. I'm thinking about stalling and pinning at around lvl 11 or so and building money and find tomes to max con before lvling any more. One thing I need too are some Tomes of Might! I never realized how slim the gear is for <10 Str!!

Oh yeah, had to add an extra point via editor to get to min Healer stats. I thought it'd been funny to milk that loophole with a Wizard...
Hey all, I know you're not supposed to bump posts, but several people seemed interested in this challenge - yet no-one has updated their info recently, I was just wondering if you are still going on with it, and if so, how are you doing? Or is this chalenge officially dead?
Twilight *slayer*
no one has touched this sence may so its been dead, go make a new challenge or join our challenge at least
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