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Full Version: Magius's Editor
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File Name :: Magius's Editor
Author :: Magius
Category :: Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol
Description ::
A editor for Mordor I stumbled upon, all you can do is edit your characters with it though. wink.gif

VB4 Runtime

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I just tried to download this editor, as it is exactly the one I've been looking for.
(I assume this works on Mordor 1.1 for someone with NO programming skills?)

However, the link does not work - 'the page cannot be displayed'

Any other way I could get hold of this Editor?

Probably have this one somewhere stashed on my disk somewhere, but you're better off with the MicroFx editor if you wish to edit your characters, as this one is pretty basic (see image above)

Edit: looked around on my disk but did not find it, if anyone downloaded it you can mail it to me, I'll upload it onto the site then.
all I want it for is to have a bunch of 16 year olds and perhaps max the stats and basic things like that.

I have downloaded some editor in the past which would not work - got a message that some file (I think a .dll file) was missing - PSTHack?

I edited the first post, if you now click download it should work as it's now hosted on the domain. wink.gif

(thanx to aardless for providing the file ohmy.gifk: )
mind if i ask a question?

"this application has failed to start because VB40032.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this."

cant figure out this cookie ... any ideas?
You're missing the VB4 runtimes, you need to find that DLL (it's a freebie)
I've edited my first post with a link to the vb4 runtime ohmy.gifk:
Sorry, but again i ask for assistance.

i downloaded the VB file, as suggested

but now, i am getting another error:

Run-time error '339':

Component TABCTL32.OCX not currently registered: file is missing or invalid
this site should help you, download the file and follow the instructions. ohmy.gifk:
thanks a bil!
i've been trying to search the game for years... now i found it...

i wish to try this magius editor, and i've download them, but i found a trouble.

when i try to run the program, it's say

"Can't Load (or register) custom control : 'THREDD32.OCX' "

i wonder is there any1 could help me solve this problem...
Download threed32.ocx from here and register it as explained in points 3. and 4. in this page.
Thanks for that link aardless, i had that problem too
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