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Full Version: Slimey's Editer
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Solrac Mal
Hi all

Does anyone know how you can alter Slimey's Editor to give some extra checkboxes for incorporating a new guild? I would like to add my own guild to the game and have done so using Wabbit's Editer but cannot seem to change the items so that they take into account usage by the new guild. If someone who is good at programming can alter either Slimey's or Wabbit's Editors' source files (with their permission of course) to incorporate this extra option it would be great. Maybe then I can release a new mod onto the list and see what you guys think.


Solrac Mal
Wabbit has given the source to the comunity a long while ago, so all you need to do is find somebody who can code in C. whistling.gif The editor version we use in MXP is currently unable to tackle the issue, btw.
I'm not sure of Slimey's editor status, but I believe he coded it in VB.
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