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Full Version: April Map Contest
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1. Design a mordor map with my editor, you can download the latest version here
2. The theme for this map is "dwarven mines"... (on popular request)
3. Export your designed map to a text-file (with the "Export Map" functionality in Braindead's Editor (4th button in toolbar)) and send that text file ( as an attachment to my mail account ( (optionally you can also provide a description of your map)
4. By submitting the map to my mailbox you give your implicit permission to use this map in the MordorXP project (Mordor remake).
5. Map must be in my mailbox before 30th april 12 PM (GMT +1 time) to be a valid entry.

Members of the Mordor XP Development team can not participate in this contest.

- I will personally review all submitted maps and post constuctive comments about them. (somewhere in the first weeks of May...)
- The winner of the map contest can choose a custom title to put under his avatar.
- The winner of the map contest can also place "Winner of April 2006 map contest" in his signature.

Coming up with map themes gets harder and harder every month, if you know good map themes, please feel free to suggest these! (either by PMing me (=aka keep your idea private) or by replying in this thread (=aka don't keep your idea private) ) sneaky.gif
- The Cemetery -> I think the name is significative smile.gif
- The Black Guards Citadel -> (Monsters with Black Guard items ?)
- Hell's Fire -> I guess it would be a nice map with loads of Lava and Demons/Devils naughty.gif
Theme - Ultra-Chaos Waterworld, a very low level dungeon that is extremely hard (but possible) to navigate with a plethora of stud rooms one would have to negotiate in the midst of a water-hell.
Ultra-Chaos Waterworld

Wasn't that the director's cut of an incredibly dull Kevin Costner movie?
ok, ok strike the Waterworld part, I forgot about that tragedy of a about Flooded Ultra-Chaos whistling.gif
@Sky.Death: lava has so far played no part in MXP, and i doubt if it would be added. it could be done and may prove useful but that causes what most people call hassle.
blackguard items are entirely useless and a whole level of curses would eventually become tedious.
the same goes for the sounds good, but a level of undeads makes drain resist the most useful asset at that point.
perhaps it could be stuck into an area of an existing map?
I like the thematic idea of a hell level, with lots of demons and devils, maybe a central fortress of a powerful devil/demon lord.
Just wondering - Is lava allowed?
Hmmm.... How about....

Mythical Revenge!
( a level filled with mythicals, hidden doors, and secret treasures! )

A. J. Raffles
QUOTE (Nodoka @ Apr 3 2006, 10:57 AM)
Just wondering - Is lava allowed?

No, lava squares are only a feature of Mordor 2.
I actually think with some clever feature placement (teleports, rotators, etc.) that an entirely open level could be fun, there could be walls and such, just no doors, everything accessible...that way there could be several "routes" and studded areas should have some obstacles before they are reached...
QUOTE (Mongo @ Apr 3 2006, 01:45 PM)
I actually think with some clever feature placement (teleports, rotators, etc.) that an entirely open level could be fun, there could be walls and such, just no doors, everything accessible

The only difference betwen a door and nothing is you can't spot dungeon features (pits, teleporters, extinguish squares, etc. behind a door. Otherwise they're equally passable, and monsters remain unseen until you cross into their "room" either way.
@Nudibranch - true, but doors and rooms dictate how you travel through the level, I was just thinking of a more open general layout that could be navigated several different ways, so I guess it wouldn't matter if there were some doors, but no "rooms" if that makes sense...basically a level without set "paths"...
so basically a large room, with lots of areas, and some things with stud rooms/traps in various places.

something like this?

obviously, i didn't do the area numbering on that level for quickness, but i see what you're getting at

i think it needs more though; maybe it's just my map
sort-of....but a lot more walls and features (directional squares, pits, extinguish squares, etc.) and stud "areas" instead of rooms, if I get some time (got to get 4 reports in to DNR before the 10th) I'll work on something, I have it on grid paper already...maybe it is something that looks better on paper than in reality...dunno...
How about Dragon's Lair? Place full of Dragons with looots of treasure and perhaps the Lair of the Great-Father-of-Dragons... btw, are there any black dragons in mordor XP?

Should I make a request? Can we make some races and send them to braindead for the XP projuect? Like the map contest... after all, the map contains monsters tongue.gif
Thats a good Idea smile.gif

- Will T'Mana be added ^^ ?
About the T'Mana thing.... well I was shocked 2 days ago cause I was with my brand new characters on the 2nd floor and..... T'MANA! I was like o.O OMG!!! IS IT **** REAL?? Well, it was not, I guess they were just Namanas but my characters were low lvled and they did not recognise the creature properly. I checked at my library but no T'Manas there.... after all 2nd floor?? laugh.gif tongue.gif

Swearing is not permitted on these forums - BL
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