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Full Version: Demise Item Editor
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File Name :: Demise Item Editor
Author :: Braindead
Category :: Mordor 2, Infinite Worlds and Demise
Screenshot :: [img][/img]
Description ::
QUOTE ("BigOne")
Editor for the Demise Items.

Firstly Decrypt the Item file  DemiseItems.DED using  Braindead Util

Then Load the Demise Item File  using Demise Item Editor, change values and save it. Make sure items which are edited are not equipped by any character.

Then Encrypt the Item file using Braindead's util and replace it in Demise Directory. Make sure you back up the existing file.

It Editor crashes make sure  that Item file is decrypted.

Every  character can have 99 swings now, 259 str,etc.


Details about the file format:
C++ code, char(1 byte), short(2 bytes), int(4 bytes), float(4 bytes).

Ignore first 12 bytes. Next is "file version", "file revision" and "number of items". Then "number of items" times the item structure which can be seen below.

char cHeader[12];             // header
char cVersion[8];             // file version
short iRev;                   // file revision
short iItems;                 // number of items

typedef struct item {
  short iNameL;              // name size
  short iNameL2;             // name size again
  char* pName;               // name
  short iIndex;              // item index number
  short iAttack;
  short iDefense;
  int iPrice;
  short iFLevel;             // find level
  short iFPercent;           // find percent    
  float fAbLevitate;         // abilities
  float fAbInvisible;
  float fAbSeeInvisible;
  float fAbProtect;
  float fAbCriticalHit;
  float fAbBackstab;
  float fAbBurn;
  float fAbFreeze;
  float fAbPoison;
  float fAbAcid;
  float fAbElectrocute;
  float fAbStone;
  float fAbBehead;
  float fAbModifyHits;
  float fAbModifySpells;
  float fAbSpellstrike;
  float fAbU1;
  short iSwings;
  short iSpecial;
  short iSpellSeq;
  short iSpellID;
  short iUses;
  char cU6[2];
  int iGuilds;               // Art = 1, Warr = 2, Pal = 4...    
  short iLevel;    
  float iPower;          
  int iAlign;                // u=1, g=2, n=4, e=8 (add together for diff combinations)
  short iHands;    
  short iClass;    
  short iRFire;              // resists
  short iRCold;
  short iRElec;
  short iRMind;
  short iRDisease;
  short iRPoison;
  short iRMagic;    
  short iRStone;
  short iRParalysis;
  short iRDrain;
  short iRAcid;
  char cU2[2];
  short iStr;                // stat requirements
  short iInt;
  short iWis;
  short iCon;
  short iCha;
  short iDex;
  char cU3[2];
  short iStrM;                // stat modifiers
  short iIntM;
  short iWisM;
  short iConM;
  short iChaM;
  short iDexM;
  char cU4[2];      
  short iCursed;             // 0 = not cursed, 1 = cursed, 2 = auto equip cursed
  short iSLevel;
  short iClassR;
  float iMHum;               // monster modifiers
  float iMSli;
  float iMDem;
  float iMDev;
  float iMEle;
  float iMRep;
  float iMDra;
  float iMAni;
  float iMIns;
  float iMUnd;
  float iMWat;
  float iMGia;
  float iMMyt;
  float iMLyc;
  float iMThi;
  float iMMag;
  float iMWar;
  float iMInd;
  float iMU1;
  float iMU2;
  float iMU3;

  short iGuildItem;          // is it guild item?
  short iInfo;               // info text index
  short iSMod1;              // special modifiers
  short iSMod2;
  short iSMod3;
  short iSMod4;
  char cU1[38];              // only sound info left
} item;

Download contains Source Code and Binary.

Notice that this isn't a Demise Board!
Support on Demise Editing at Archi's

Updated Fri, Jun 17 2005 9:02 pm

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how do I do that ohne Braindead Util? wallbash.gif
Help me please download this Util for encryption/decryption to Demise Data Files. help.gif
QUOTE (Alixs @ Nov 11 2018, 10:36 PM) *
how do I do that ohne Braindead Util? wallbash.gif
Help me please download this Util for encryption/decryption to Demise Data Files. help.gif

The post is from 2005, this is like time machine biggrin.gif
The original file host is dead so idk where can you find it. Try google or check other files in "Download" section on this site
Already searched everywhere.
The only hope for this forum and his old-timers cry2.gif
Looks like the encrypter/decrypter is available at and various editors including an item editor are available at

I don't know if you need the decrypter for the editors on that second page. I haven't tried any of these files, I've never even tried Demise.
I have already seen these links.
Unfortunately, Braindead's Demise Encryptor-Decryptor 1.0. not available for download. not_ok.gif
And the editor doesn't work with encrypted files. :sad.gif
I was able to download the decryptor right now from the first link I posted. Does it not work for you?
I am not downloading the specified page.
If you can, send the file to me in the email.
I would be very grateful.
Thanks so much!
I was able to finally download from the specified address. yahoo.gif
It would be good to place this utility on this site. It would be easier. ok.gif
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