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> How would you make guilds work?
post Mar 13 2019, 09:00 PM
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As some of you will have seen, I'm on and off making an online RPG, inspired by Mordor.

I'm currently looking at the guild system, and am trying to decide the best way to implement it. I'm not reaching any real conclusions, so I thought I'd try a bit of crowdsourcing for inspiration!

There are some things I like about Mordor's guild system:
* Different guilds give different strengths at different stages of the game. - This is a lot more flexible than a traditional class system, where each class needs to be viable throughout the game.
* A player can join multiple guilds. - Multiclass characters exist in other games, but again the flexibility of Making a fighter with enough thief to cast charm of opening, then adding some spell damage later is great.
* Guilds have different requirements to join. - Sure, you want to join the wizards guild to get your hands on some spells, but you can't. You're too stupid. Next!

There are some things I'm less keen on:
* The way stats from different guilds are combined is not intuitive. However, I think this may be a bug, rather than a design choice.
* The order that you go advance levels matters. - There shouldn't be an optimal leveling route for HP. A player with the same guild stats has learned the same things. It may be faster one way than another, as skills from X help level up Y, but you should get to the same point.
* Apart from time, there's nothing to stop you maxing out all guilds (that are available to your race and alignment).

This last point is quite a big one for me. I like the idea that anyone can pick some magic, but it also seems reasonable that you won't get to archmage status if you're also training as a warrior.

The model I have at the moment has more guilds than Mordor, but with some of them only becoming available after you've progressed in another. (For example, there are base guilds of nomad, fighter, rogue and adept; only adepts can join the mage or cleric guilds; only mages can join the sorceror, wizard and illusionist guilds.) The earlier guilds can teach more things, to a lower level, higher tier guilds specialise. (Adepts can learn any spell book up to spell level 5; Mages learn Fire, Cold, Electicity, etc. while Clerics learn Heal, Banish, Resist, etc. up to spell level 15; later guilds specialise further.)

Combined with this, I've taken out the automatic advancement when leveling up, and replaced it with gaining skill points, which can be spent to learn any of the skills taught by any of the guilds you are a member of. This allows you to tune your character much more precisely, by focussing solely on backstab if that is what you want, instead of having to level up a guild that gives backstab but has high EXP costs because it also teaches other things.

Finally, to discourage people from joining every guild, I've replaced the joining fee with an ongoing cost. Every base level guild will take 1% of your earnings in perpetuity, every second tier guild will take 2%, etc. With the guilds I've currently defined, that will result in 99% of your gained gold going to the guild tax if you join every one of them. (I did wonder about making some guilds unavailable after you've joined others, but that seemed too harsh.)

As you can probably tell, this is a system I've put a fair amount of thought into, but I'm still not very happy with it. It models fairly closely what I want to happen, but is complicated to describe and doesn't feel particularly true to life (whatever that means in a game where you can learn to case fireball). Hence this post. - What would you want in a guild system? Starting from a baseline of Mordor, what would you keep, what would you get rid of, and what would you add?

Answers on a postcard please!

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post Jul 10 2019, 06:33 PM
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A suggestion for a new spell for thieving guilds: In addition to Charm of Opening, which simply unlocks boxes, you could add a high-level spell, Disarm Trap. It should be costly enough that a Thief can't cast it on every trap, but it should be available for use on, say, a box from a level-15 encounter with a slime or teleport trap. This spell would make a nice artifact or wand for rogues.

Avatar appears to have added this sort of spell at some point after DA cloned the Avatar data for Mordor.
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