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> Happy 15th Anniversary!, Challenge
post Feb 10 2010, 05:02 PM
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Well, this is a little bit different from most challenges sleep.gif

The first part of the challenge is to find out the exact date Mordor: Depths of Dejenol was released oh so long ago 1995.

Write it in as a reply and you win.

The second part of the challenge is to come up with different challenges that are related to the 15th Anniversary in some way.

Again write it in as a reply.

Then the third part is to do those challenges.

Ideas: 15 levels in Mordor, some sort of numerology with the exact release date, Level 15 Characters, 15 million gold, 15 gold, 15 items in inventory, 15 items in bank, 15 Characters to defeat ASMO,

If people want to upload files, that is fine, but I think the honor system should work relatively well. After all, if someone is going to cheat on something like this....JEEZ PEOPLE, it is an internet forum challenge designed to be fun!

Also, unless otherwise stated you do not need to do these challenges on a new copy of Morder, ie, you can just leave your data files in place.

Have fun!


Well, the enthusiasm for this idea is overwhelming wink.gif

Here are a few things that I have thought of:

NOTE: If anything on this list is actually impossible, just let me know in a reply and I will try and change it.

Ultimate Beat Asmo Challenge:

Asmo - Have 15 different characters defeat Asmo. Easy mode -- any party configuration is allowed, Hard mode -- no character that has defeated Asmo is allowed as a party member of the new group that defeats Asmo.

Aard of Being:

Aard of Being [15] Get 1 good, 1 neutral and 1 evil Aard of Being each with 15 charges

Scroll of She'tal:

Scroll of She'tal [15] -- get one Scroll of She'tal with 15 charges on it

Bells of Kwalish:

Get 15 Bells of Kwalish -- does not have to be 15 charges on it

What A Crystal Challenge:

Get a Crystal of Healing with 1500 charges on it.

Potion Challenge:

Get one of each of the following Potions with 15 charges on it

Potion of Youth [15], Potion of Invisibility [15], Potion of Sight [15], Elven Potion [15], Dragon's Water [15], Potion of Flight [15], Potion of Movement [15], Potion of Netamu [15], Potion of Nevamu [15], Potion of Nesamu [15], Potion of Negamu [15], Potion of Nemamu [15], Elven Wine [15]

Weapons Challenge:

Lightning Sword [15] -- get 15 Lightning Swords with 15 charges each on them

Crystal Sword -- get 15 Crystal Swords

Dominator -- get 15 Dominators

Holy Sword [15] -- get 15 Holy Swords with 15 charges on each of them

Master's Hand -- get 15 good Master's Hands and 15 evil Master's Hands

Hammer of Flame [15] -- get 15 Hammers of Flames with 15 charges on each of them

Armor Challenge:

Mystic Shield -- get 15 Mystic Shields

Paladin's Helm -- get 15 Paladin's Helms

Thief's Gloves -- get 15 Thief's Gloves

Cloak of Invisibility -- get 15 Cloaks of Invisibility

Ring Challenge:

Get each of the following Rings, each with 15 charges on them

Ring of Flames [15], Ring of Frost [15], Ring of Disruption [15]

15 Companions: [Hopefully none of these guys are charm resistant, I actually havent done much charming yet]

Get 15 Tengu in confinement.

Get 15 White Dragons, 15 Ice Dragons, and 15 Spectral Dragons in confinement.

Mediocre Motley Crew Challenge:

Get 15 Characters that each have 15 for each stat. Use the Stat number after equipment modifiers.

Speed Mode:

The following rules apply for all challenges Speed Mode.

Restrictions on Old and New character interaction:

You do not need to use a new copy of Mordor. The Challenges must be completed by 15 new characters, however. The new characters can use and can be given any money or items. New characters and old characters can join the same party, however, New and Old characters CANNOT go into the DUNGEON in a party. Basically, the Old characters can help the new characters join guilds, get equipment and even cast resurrect, but they can never be in the Dungeon together in the same party. I hope this is clear, and if you have any questions about doing something, feel free to ask.

Calculation of time:

For all speed mode challenges, time will be calculated by you and posted in the reply. To calculate your time, take all 15 new characters you made for the challenge, look at the "Time:", in the "Char" Tab (If you press F6, this tab will come up) and add up all the numbers you find there. If there anyone has any problem understanding this, please let me know.

Ok, here are the Speed Challenges:

1500 Kill Challenge:

Get 15 Characters to have exactly 1500 kills.

15 Lvl 15 Challenge:

Get 15 Characters to all be Lvl 15. Easy mode -- any guild is ok, Medium Mode 1 -- must have at least 1 character for each race, Medium Mode 2 -- must have at least 1 character for each guild, Hard mode -- must have at least 1 character in each guild and of each race

All Lvl 15:

Make 1 new character that is lvl 15 in all possible guilds. When submitting your time for this, please say which race your character was.

If anyone has any 15 anniversary related ideas for a challenge, just write them down! I will try and come up with some more. Lastly, if these challenges are either to difficult level wise or too easy, I will try and make some other more suitable ones. My characters are all high level, so for instance getting 15 Avenger's isnt much of a challenge to me. If there are a lot of people with lower level characters that want to do these kinds of challenges though, I can try and come up with some that would be fun for lower level characters to complete.

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