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> The Money Challenge, Get as much money as you can!
post May 18 2020, 01:22 AM
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Heyo! It's been a while! I got distracted by other old games, learning how to be a homeschool teacher during this covid shenanigans, and even playing some diablo 3. And it turns out that diablo 3 is kinda what led me back here. I googled "PoE vs D3" and the hit I ended up on was www.requnix.com ... DA's website! laugh.gif. That was more than it took to plant the seed, and I quickly saw that my virtual XP install still had 6 days on it until I had to re-remember, again, how to get a fresh version set up, and I decided I'd start up Mordor again. I almost went with my "all caster challenge" that currently is made up of level 120ish casters, but I thought I'd do something new for a change.

edit - after a few starts and stops, I've settled on playing a good human for the money challenge. I'm not used to playing without the bank, so trying to do so as a scavenger with human dex opposed to a thief with osiri dex will probably be frustrating at times... but I just couldn't bring myself to play an osiri! I've played a good human solo before and did pretty well with him on not dying, but of course no banking changes things up quite a bit. I'm not sure exactly what the "best" start would be... getting into warrior and jumping up to 20 to pretty safely clear 1 without aging much vs stats for mage or sorc immediately and leveling nomad just ahead of the caster guild so I can quickly get 1 spellpoint nukes vs trying to get into scavenger and get charm of opening asap... but I'm gonna try the warrior route with stats to get into scavenger and put me pretty close to CoO in short order, hopefully.

So here it goes:

Name: Lectral
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Levels: 1 Nomad, 1 Warrior
Dead: No
Stats: 14 Strength, 10 Intelligence, 10 Wisdom, 11 Constitution, 5 Charisma, 14 Dexterity
Gold: 1500

(Ooh, a nice start. 19 slaves in my first room. Talk about a quick and safe couple levels.)

Update: after about 2 hours, things are going pretty well I suppose. It feels slow cause I'm sitting around waiting on single melee swings to clear groups of slaves and whatever, but I'm at 17 warrior, 16 nomad, and 11 scavenger. Sure did get robbed blind a lot before I got scav up to like 10... laugh.gif. I had a few times where I didn't have enough gold to level up, but only had items on me worth several hundred k each. I haven't had great luck with tomes yet, think I've only used a single strength tome on myself, and I don't have any good-aligned tomes or potions on me atm either. I'm just slowly grinding my 3 guilds up to 20, where I intend to pause for a while to see if I can get tomes and get into the other guilds (mage, sorc, seeker eventually but I know the first few floors well enough I don't need it yet) and max my con before I level up more.

My highlight so far was finding a warhammer and getting it realignd to good. Buuuut only then did I realize I need 4 more con before I can use it anyway smile.gif

Another update: I'm not really tracking gold since I just spend it all on IDing tomes or joining guilds, but at around 7 hours I'm now at 20 nomad, warrior, scavenger, plus 19 sorcerer. Things moved along a lot nicer than previously, since I sold that warhammer I found and bought the dagger of stealth. Even though it's not aligned properly, it still started giving me 2 swings to help me clear all the wimpy stuff on floor 1 out a lot faster since I'm not casting spells (saving my spell points for CoO since I can only cast it twice per trip). I just got my wisdom high enough to cast resist paralysis a few minutes ago, and suddenly, no longer afraid of the cleanups between me and the slave driver, I went and killed the slave driver (for no loot, unfortunately). I actually "only" need 10 con boosts to max out after starting at 11 and using 1 con tome I found so far... but I do have 7 items in the store that I hastily sold earlier to help me get into sorcerer faster. So a couple hours of clearing 1 and visiting the slaver area on 2 tomorrow might get me to max con so I can continue my leveling to 30 before I need to worry about getting into and leveling wizard.

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