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> Mordor XP FAQ, Your question may already be answered!
post Oct 13 2007, 02:22 PM
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This thread attempts to reduce the number of unnecessary repeat posts showing up in the MXP Public Forum, as well as collating some information about the project for your perusal. If you think something should be added to it, drop me a line and I'll get out my Pointy Stick of Editing +2 (I used to use Erik's +1 Crayons but I found the stick looks more professional).
  • What *is* MXP?

    Starting with the very basics, huh? In a nutshell, MXP (more fully titled 'MordorXP: The Demise of Dejenol', unless it gets changed) is a freeware remake of MakeItSo's 1995 classic dungeon crawler Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol, a shedload of information about which is available on this very site.

  • Why make MXP?

    There are a number of reasons behind wanting to remake the game, and they probably vary from one person to the next. For a start, there are a bunch of issues, balance problems and bugs in the original Mordor which have been winding up veteran players for the last decade, which we intend to fix. The project has grown in scope since its inception though - it's ultimately going to provide an experience which is unmistakeably Mordor, but better.

  • What can I expect to see in MXP?

    The game will feature, at a minimum, the following:

    - An all-new, larger dungeon, possibly with new features.
    - New monsters. A large number of them. Most of them with big teeth.
    - New items and spells - obviously you need something to fight the monsters with.
    - New guilds and races. The details are up in the air at the minute, but it's highly likely you'll have the chance to explore the dungeon with an even more motley crew than ever before.
    - Item and monster descriptions. The library just became a lot more fun! You'll be provided with information about the monsters and items you find in the dungeon. Carefully crafted by an infinite number of monkeys (but with just the one typewriter - it gets pretty ugly in there), the descriptions are by turns informative, amusing, incomprehensible, entertaining and mysterious.
    - New sound effects and music. You won't want to turn off the sounds and just play music in the background with this one - MXP's sound artists are hard at work on new noises; it'll be like a massage for your ears.
    - Item and monster art. Our team of incredibly talented artists are producing ever-more-wonderful feasts for the eyes to include in the game. Not only will every monster and item be represented visually, but the number of duplicate images will be vastly reduced in comparison with M1.
    - A new dungeon renderer. A recent addition to the game, and one which makes the experience of playing far more pleasurable. The dungeon now looks thousands of times better than the original's did, and we've gained a load of flexibility too - the new dungeon's appearance can vary from level to level, which will greatly reduce the repetition of a crawl through the depths.
    - A new interface. More immersive, more intuitive and much more user-friendly. Also prettier.
    - Between them, the last three changes add up to an estimated 78% less grey than the original Mordor. And far less brown than Quake.
    - Plot. Tons of background, plus an in-game story to explore, complete with mysteries to unravel, challenges to overcome, monsters to kill (natch) and adrenaline-fuelled action-packed cutscenes. Apart from the last one. Alternatively, you can ignore the story and just explore to your heart's content.
    - A manual which doesn't suck. If I do say so myself.
    - Changes to lots of mechanics to improve gameplay. No more optimal HP route. No more gamey maxing of constitution. No more joining every single guild. No more having to press a million buttons for spells before you step off the stairs.
    - Fixes for easily annoyed grammar fiends like me; no more "Shadow of Deaths".

    We're also hoping to include multiplayer functionality at a later stage.

  • You've got me all excited now - when do I get to play this mother?

    I know it's predictable, but the only answer we can give is "when it's ready". Everyone involved is doing this in their spare time and for free, and there's no way for us to say at this point when it'll be done, or even how far through the work we are.

  • Will my computer be able to run it?

    If it can run the original Mordor, then the answer is probably 'yes'. The snazziness of MXP will make it slightly more resource-intensive than the original Mordor, but you're hardly going to need to spend 3,000 on something that will eat FarCry for dinner!

    A note on platforms, though - MXP will be for Windows only - 9x and above, including Vista. Essentially that's down to the fact that it's being (mainly) written in VisualBasic. Much as we'd love to design the whole thing from scratch again on a platform-independent codebase, that's just not practical. That said, I'll be surprised if it's not possible to run the game via WINE or Cedega on Linux or on a (new) Mac with Boot Camp.

    If your heart's set on playing a Mordor game on Mac or Linux, or if you just want to check out what others are doing to bring Mordor kicking and squealing like a stuck goblin into the 21st century, I'd like to draw your attention to Prospero's Return to Dejenol project at http://www.firestormproductions.co.uk/mordor/.

  • Am I going to have to pay for it?

    Assuming you're talking about MXP, no. It's a freeware project.

  • What about legal or copyright issues? Are you going to get shut down?

    Mordor's rights are owned by Decklin (from whose site you can buy Mordor, Demise and a bunch of other things). We've got his permission for the project, and to use art assets from Mordor and the (uncompleted) Mordor 2. So we're pretty safe there.

  • Who's involved in the project?

    A number of people have been involved since the project started, several of them moving on to other things or being swallowed up by real life - you'll be able to check the manual's credits for a complete list. As of now, the list of current staff looks something like this:

    Braindead: Project Lead. Map Editor Programming, Installer Programming, Mordor XP Programming, Group Management, Map Designer. Site administration. A bit of everything really.
    Crusher Junior: Project Lead. Group Management, Graphical Artist, Storyline, back patting, whip cracking - he's a carrot and stick man smile.gif

    A.J. Raffles: descriptions, resolving (and occasionally causing) disputes about grammar, being a weird manifestation of my brain.
    aardless: Graphical Artist, bug finding, moaning whenever I write something hard to draw or render, keeping goblins in line.
    BeefontheBone: descriptions, writing the manual, chucking ideas at people and seeing what sticks, getting overly excited about his own ideas, being a weird manifestation of A.J.'s brain.
    BLauritson: descriptions, face stabbing.
    Cowboy: Mordor XP Programming, posse rustling-up.
    Danjen: Graphical Artist.
    Elrath: Dungeon Maintainer.
    elro the onk: Mordor XP Executable and Data Editor Programming. Bristol residing coding whizz, crusher of overambitious dreams and winner of the Most Likely To Be Hugged By Beef award 2007. Onk.
    Ezeeri: Music and sound effects.
    Madma: Musical artist. Perfectionist.
    peterg70: Mordor XP Programming, is the MXP code founding father and occasional forum visitor.
    Walky: Mordor XP Game and Data Editor Programming. Swiss cleaner of messy code and squasher of bugs.
    Zahmees: descriptions, crazy ideas, Keeper of the Tome of Dalyn and his <insert adjective> Assistant Kazildapek, official name commer-up-with.

  • How can I help?

    The thread for recruitment is here. If you think you can help out with the areas we're lacking, check that post for instructions. You definitely won't have to fight a dragon to get in, but that's only due to the fact that Mister Sparky's been ill recently and isn't really up to it.
    Otherwise, you can help by spreading the word about the project. Put links to BD's site in your forum signatures, profiles and so on. Tell your friends about it. Keep interest up for us so that the project keeps its momentum. Besides that, the public forum is the places to discuss ideas about the game - if you've got a suggestion for a change from M1 or an addition, this is the place for it smile.gif

  • Where can I find out more?

    In case you missed it, the front page of the site has news posts linking to the bi-monthly updates about MXP. They're kept in the Public Forum (as is this sticky), and the Wiki contains links to the previous updates here. Those are great places to get more info about the project, as well as teasers and previews of the work as it progresses.

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