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Braindead's Mordor Site - Return to Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol _ Site Related _ Site was moved to new server

Posted by: Braindead Sep 8 2016, 07:35 PM

noticed today that my host moved the mordor site to a new server.... without notifying me...

only 50 of the about 204 database tables got moved... sigh... of course nothing worked. luckily I spotted it in time so that I could fetch the data from the old server.

Wiki integration currently does not currently work, I disabled it, currently it displays some errors, but at least the existing content should be somewhat readable. Not sure when I'll find the time to fix it properly, but I should get around it sooner or later... and when something is not working as it should, maybe you can play some Mordor in the mean time... wink.gif

If you notice something else that is wrong you can post it in this topic.

Posted by: Braindead Sep 9 2016, 02:39 PM

wiki integration kinda works again, you should be able to login and edit, but it displays some warnings...

Posted by: Nudibranch Sep 14 2016, 02:29 AM

Okay, thanks for staying on top of it. Haven't seen any problems myself.

Posted by: Gutsy Sep 4 2017, 12:11 AM

Thanks for keeping this place running after all these years.

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