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> Back to Basics, a return to the true spirit of RPG
post Nov 19 2008, 03:18 PM
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referrer:I have my sources, most of them too simple for you to comprehend

This challange is a little bit of a wierd one. It can be made as easy or as hard as the player wishes. I am also permitting the use of Editors to achieve the starting conditions of this challange, since it would be difficult to get there otherwise. (apologies hardcore gamers).

You can submit/brag about entries at any point in the characters career, however the point of the challange is defined in the characters stats at retirement (IE dying of old age).

The challange is to create the most survivable HUMAN character within a given guild. In the true spirit of RPG you may choose any guild you wish to begin in, but you must start with the MINIMUM stats of that guild. This is the point where an editor may be required, and is the only point where an editor may be used. And, before anyone asks, YES that does include the Nomad guild (1,1,1,1,1,1) good luck with that.

ok.gif You may :-

Buy and or use any equpment that is in the Store, even if it has been placed there by another character and comes from deep in the dungeon, but you must buy it yourself.

Use anti-aging products, potions etc.

Buy and sell companions.

Retrieve the dead character form within the dungeon useing another character.

not_ok.gif You may not :-

Pass gold or items to your new character

Use any other glitch/cheat-ish method to obtain gold or items.

Pay for or otherwise interfere with the resurection of your new character.

Kill a monster with a powerful character and leave the ches for your character to open.

Use editors mods or other hacks to help you, other than to create starting conditions.

I don't know if anybody will be intersted in trying this challange, but i think it seems like fun. The difficulty is deided, more or less, by the guild you choose. Warriors will have an easier time to begin with than mages, and Nomads will suck completely.

When posting your characters, the stats you must include are:-

Guild and Level
Deepest level

I appreciate this seems like a lot on info, but it will not go to waste, every month or so I will view the entries and come up with a "winner" for each guild.

As I have said, I'm not sure if anyone will want to try this, but would dearly love it if anyone was stupi...I mean brave enough to take up the Nomad challange. naughty.gif

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post Apr 14 2009, 03:50 PM
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Clever, I didn't think of that. On the other hand, his age is going up dangerously fast - from healing up? I hope you can find a way to keep it in control. Maybe you could try to find a Elven Ring? Or simply try to make do with Dust of Healing and such? think.gif

Well, good luck. ok.gif

Fear the Society of the Psychic Tyco
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